Hello there, fine readers of stuff that's actually good news! I know a lot of the time, it can easily get overwhelming to see all the bad news out here. And our little corner of the world has light in the form of our Central Bank of Sedalia Unsung Hero!

It's so easy for us to give up, get cynical, and just say, "I can't possibly make a difference, I'm not even going to try." Well, our Unsung Heroes just aren't wired that way.

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They have to get out there and help where ever they can, however they can, in their own neck of the woods. Our latest Unsung Hero is making a difference for our young people.

Our nominator this month was Ana Dale. Here's what Ana had to say about her nominee, Michelle Ehrichs.

Michelle is a teacher at a local private school. Michelle goes out of her way to make sure each student is successful and having fun. Each year, she celebrates May the 4th Be With You by having Star Wars parties. In winter, she does an unforgettable Polar Express day for the kids. The kids leave her classroom in tears, because she has poured so much love into their learning. In addition to successfully raising her five kids, she's also an active member of the community.


Small clarification - Michelle teaches 4th Grade AND 1st Grade at St Paul's Lutheran School in Stover, and she is also the Principal of the school. So she's, well, constantly busy, I'd imagine. Let's get all the deets by listening to Randy's interview with Michelle!

Well Michelle is definitely making Cole Camp proud, as well as all of us here in Sedalia!  You know that those kids are going to remember all of that and spread that joy and love forward.  Those are memories they'll keep forever.

So if you know someone who, like Michelle, is doing their best in their neighborhood to make it better, nominate them to be a Central Bank of Sedalia Unsung Hero here.

Singingly yours,

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