Sedalia Fire Chief Greg Harrell presented the results of a feasibility study done by FGM Architects to the Sedalia City Council on Monday night.

The study focused on what to do with the aging Central Fire Station at 600 South Hancock, built in 1974.

Options were listed in the 75-page report, including:

1. Minimal renovations
2. Substantial renovations, with add-ons
3. Destroy the old fire station and build a new one
4. Substantially renovate the old one, add on more space and build a new satellite facility
5. Destroy the old one, build a new one in its place and also build a satellite facility
6. Build two new fire stations at other locations. The old facility would be used for storage.

Stabilizing the existing facility would cost around $400,000.

Building a new facility at a new site, with minimal renovations to the existing station, would cost around $3,130,000.

Building two new stations on two new sites would cost around $6,164,000.

The Council heard a similar presentation in February from Joshua N. Mandell, principal with FGM Architects (based in St. Louis), and Jerrod Joggerst.

The Council will have to make a decision on which option they will employ.

The City's fire headquarters is located at 2606 W. 16th and opened in 2014.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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