Changes For Animals in Missouri is a new non-profit organization that was founded by people who wish to improve living conditions for animals. They've vowed to do their part in helping find our 4 legged friends 'forever homes.'  The group approached area shelters and is assisting the shelter in Warrensburg, Warsaw, and Clinton.

The Change for Animals Group decided to start fundraising in time for National Shelter No Kill Day on June 11.   The group decided to start a 5K Run at the Warrensburg Shelter on Saturday, June 9.  About $2,600 was raised to help the dogs and cats of those shelters.

"We had approximately 75 walkers, runners, skippers, and crawlers," said member D.D. Smith.  "There were also several dogs that came to support the event by walking with their owners, which I personally think is an awesome way that your pet can help raise money for other animals to find homes too."

Change For Animals in Missouri's mission statement explains a lot about the organization.  The mission is to make sure that as many homeless animals as possible are "S.A.F.E.":

  • S - SUPPORTED through non profit fundraising.
  • A - ADVOCATED for by promoting awareness of animal homelessness, neglect and cruelty as well as the needs of local rescues and shelters.
  • F - FOSTER community involvement and concern for animals in our area and nationwide.
  • E - EDUCATE the public about the importance of the following: spaying/neutering, breed research prior to choosing a pet, animal abuse and neglect, and alternatives to relinquishing family pets to shelters..

According to the Humane Society of the United States, about 1 animal is euthanized every 8 seconds, and between 4-6 million pets a year. In 2010 St Louis Shelters took in 53,000 animals, and 23,000 were euthanized. Among those thousands of animals were countless adoptable pets that merely could not find homes.

There will be more events planned in the future, so be sure to visit their website for more information.

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