Charges are being dismissed against one suspect, regarding the 2016 murder case, in which 30-year old Matthew Eldenburg died in an arson fire in Sedalia.

One of two suspects, Cody A. Harvey, was charged last September with 1st Degree Murder and 1st Degree Arson, but according to Pettis County Prosecutor Phillip T. Sawyer, those charges are being dismissed.

The other suspect, Aran T. Cantrell, still faces the same charges of 1st Degree Murder and 1st Degree Arson.

A press release from Sawyer states, "As for the Harvey case, this morning (Wednesday) it became evident to the Prosecutor’s Office that the admissible evidence was going to be insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Cody A. Harvey committed the charged crimes, and accordingly, charges against Mr. Harvey are being dismissed. We are limited in what we can say about the evidence because a case is still pending against Aran Cantrell, but the problem does not stem from any failure on the part of the Police Department or any inadequacy in its investigation. The Police Department and other law enforcement agencies did everything they possibly could to bring the investigation to a successful conclusion. The problem involves an essential non-law enforcement witness who has given false or inaccurate statements as to what took place in the case."

The press release notes that the issue only involves Harvey. Aran Cantrell's trial is still expected to take place in Clay County, in July, after a change of venue was granted.


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