Each year I like to make an annual trek to the area's and probably World's Greatest Buffet, Charley's Buffet. It is a place that when I think about, instantly my taste buds go crazy, my stomach gets prepared and the family gets excited for the venture through Cole Camp and down south on Highway B.

Charley's has received all kinds of recognition for its homemade food, great rolls and the heavenly 30-foot dessert bar. It is the place I tell friends about and forewarn them that sometimes you may be greeted with a line, but have some faith and trust that the line is worth the wait. Charley's is even kind enough to put free water out if the line goes to the outside, which has happened.

Some of my favorite items on the buffet are the fried chicken, fried potatoes, sour kraut with sausage, along with the potatoes and gravy. My kids love the mac and cheese and the ham. There is something for everyone at Charley's Buffet.

Sometimes you may get lucky and have to sit in the upstairs of Charley's. This can be a very good thing to walk off some of the food you stock up on, but no matter how much you eat be sure to have dessert off the 30-foot dessert bar. They have everything from cake to pie to ice cream and beyond. I'm partial towards the pecan pie, while my wife loves the toasted butter pecan cake. You just can't go wrong, even the simple chocolate chip cookies proves to be different since they put a small Hershey's bar on top and let it melt.

Trust me the drive may seem a bit far away, but the food is well worth it. Charley's is only open on Friday and Saturdays from 4:30 until 8:30 at night, so hope you make plans to visit.  If you recall Rob Edwards, one of our former hosts, loved Charley's and I know he still wishes he could be twenty minutes away. Don't just take our word for it though, it received recognition as the #3 buffet in the United States, according to Tablelog. I'll be the one that says it should be #1.


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