The City of Sedalia proudly extends its heartfelt congratulations to Devin Lake on her recent accomplishment of becoming a Certified Building Official.

This significant milestone showcases Ms. Lake’s unwavering commitment to professionalism and expertise in serving our community.

Ms. Lake’s dedication and rigorous study regimen have enabled her to meet the
demanding standards set forth by the certification process. The comprehensive two-hour examination assesses a diverse range of building code application scenarios, requiring swift and accurate responses within the allotted time.

Her exceptional achievement is a testament to her knowledge, skill, and ability to excel under pressure.

The City of Sedalia takes immense pride in Devin Lake’s achievement, as she now joins an exclusive group of professionals in Missouri. Out of a mere 88 individuals who have
attained this prestigious certification, only 23 are located outside the metropolitan areas of St. Louis or Kansas City.

Additionally, Ms. Lake holds the esteemed distinction of being the fifth woman in Missouri to reach this remarkable level of accomplishment.

Mayor Andrew Dawson expressed his admiration, stating, “We are profoundly proud of
Devin for her extraordinary feat. Her attainment of this exceptional certification is a
testament to her unwavering dedication and commitment to her craft. It is individuals like Devin who truly elevate the standard of professionalism within our city."

Devin Lake’s certification as a Certified Building Official brings immense value to the City of Sedalia, ensuring the highest level of expertise and adherence to building codes. Her achievement reflects the City’s ongoing commitment to maintaining excellence in
construction and upholding the safety and quality of our community’s buildings and

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