The Kansas City Chiefs are scheduled to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday night in Tampa but Hurricane Ian might change those plans.

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St. Louis television station KSDK is reporting that Tampa Bay is eyeing playing Sunday night's game in Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Except it's not that clear. First, the Buccaneers have moved their football operations to Miami for the week to prepare for Sunday night's game. This is according to an article on their website.

That same article says, at this point, the NFL and the Buccaneers will watch the weather and consult with each other later in the week to determine if the game will be moved. Yet right now, the plan is to hopefully play in Tampa Bay.

It's a Tweet from ESPN NFL reporter Jeff Darlington that has started the speculation of the NFL moving the Tampa Bay - Chiefs game to Minneapolis. He explains on Twitter that the NFL probably wouldn't want Tampa Bay to play in Miami Sunday night if hurricane Ian forces the game to be moved, because the NFL wouldn't want to pull resources that could be used to help with hurricane recovery efforts for a football game.

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So he speculates the NFL will probably move the game to a neutral site in the midwest, like Minneapolis since the Vikings and New Orleans are playing in London.

Of course, that's just speculation. The Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns are on the road too, as is Denver. Although, Denver might not be so neutral from the standpoint of places that could be inundated with Chiefs fans. Of course, why does it have to be the midwest? The Titans are on the road, so the game could be scheduled for Nashville.

KSHB reported yesterday that the NFL could postpone the game and play it Monday night instead. The television station is reporting that's one of the options according to Tampa Bay Coach Todd Bowles. In that case, the NFL would flex a different game to Sunday night, and the Cheifs and Tampa Bay would play Monday night.

The bottom line with all of this is it really depends on Hurricane Ian and how the storm impacts Tampa Bay, or how meteorologists expect it to impact Tampa Bay. Depending on the impact of the storm on the Tampa area, the game will go on as scheduled. Be moved to Monday night. Played somewhere else on Sunday night, or even Monday night. Or be rescheduled for later in the season, although that hasn't been talked about yet.

The best case scenario for the people of Tampa Bay, playing Sunday's game as scheduled. If that happens, it'll mean hurricane Ian's impact on Tampa Bay was limited. Hopefully, its impact on Florida generally will be limited. Then all we have to worry about is a Chiefs victory.

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