The Sedalia City Council heard a presentation from Community Development Director John Simmons Monday night.

Randy Kirby

Simmons gave an update on Code Enforcement and the ongoing steps to improve the appearance of Sedalia.

“We've had some successes, but with success, comes new issues. And one of those has been our pick-up on-demand program. What we need (residents) to know is to put that trash out there no earlier than the day before pickup," Simmons explained, adding that sometimes the pile "grows mysteriously" or trash gets scattered about when it sits out for a week or more waiting to get picked up & removed.

Also, if the amount of trash pickup exceeds four cubic yards, there will be an extra fee of $23 per additional cubic yard, billed to the owner of the property, Simmons explained.

Randy Kirby

Jamie Bethel, formerly a housing specialist for the City of Sedalia, is now a supervisor for Code Enforcement. She also attended the pre-council presentation, and exhibited the bright yellow door hangers that are left at a residence to notify the property owner of a code violation.

Simmons referred to Bethel as a "breath of fresh air" for Code Enforcement.

During his presentation, Simmons showed the Council some stats for trash violations. In 2015, there were 631, while in 2016 that figure decreased to 606. And the current, year-to-date figure is at 349.

As for grass and weed violations, there were 400 in 2015, 345 in 2016 and 243 so far this year.

Simmons noted that Code Enforcement is working towards more interdepartmental cooperation, with new procedures and policies, such as being proactive. "We call it as we see it," he said, adding that he promised to keep Council members in the loop.

Randy Kirby

And beginning in mid-September, a Green Sweep/Clean Sweep program will begin. Public Works Director Brenda Audrey said her department will be working with neighborhoods to place containers for collections of green waste in Week One and bulky items (excessive trash, furniture, etc.) in Week Two.

Now, City residents who don't want bulky items piling up at curbside may bring them to the City's Materials Management Site. Proof of residency will be required, she said.

"This is everyone's problem," Mayor Stephen J. Galliher said. " It's critical that we keep our City clean. We need the help of our citizens to do that."