When the Groundhog predicted an early spring, a lot of us asked, "When did winter ever start?" Overall, we've had it easy this season. There was a little bit of snow on Saturday night/Sunday morning, but that melted away by Sunday afternoon, and it's been mild ever since. The National Weather Service is even saying that high temperatures could reach the 70s by the end of the week. The 70s! In February! 

We are late enough in the year that winter could very well be winding down, but it's also early enough that a late-season winter storm could still develop. What do you think? Are we out of the woods, yet, or is there going to be more winter weather before it's all said and done?

By the way, the National Weather Service Forecast says sunny skies, and a high near 70 on Thursday, then temps in the upper 60s on Friday, and afternoon highs will remain in the 60s through the weekend. The start of next week is supposed to be cooler, but still mild for February, with highs predicted on Monday and Tuesday in the mid-40s.