Monday night's second City Council meeting began with two presentations from department heads.

Under Finance and Administration, Jessica Pyle gave a monthly financial update followed by Monte Richardson with an update on cyber security awareness.

In his presentation, Richardson noted that "it's not the toys, it's how we manage what we have," he said, adding that the Council should expect a proposal on a NIST CyberSecurity Framework program in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Under Public Safety, Council then passed a resolution and an ordinance for the purchase of patrol vehicles for the SPD that were ordered in the previous fiscal year. Total cost is $91,404 for two Dodge Durangos, plus DWI enforcement equipment.

Under Public Works, Council passed an ordinance approving and accepting permanent and temporary easements relating to the Oak Grove Sewer Main Extension at 24380 Oak Grove Lane to allow enough room for construction.

The owner of property at 314 South Washington (formerly Sedalia Senior Center) has requested the removal of two handicapped parking signs. Staff sent letters seeking comment from adjacent property owners and received no response. The Citizens Traffic Advisory Commission review the request and approved it.

The Commission also reviewed a request at their July meeting to remove a restriction on parking spaces north of Main Street on the west side of Kentucky, reserving them for handicapped parking only.

Under Community Development, staff has been directed to look at implementing one-way streets and angle parking throughout the entire downtown area after a request was received at a previous meeting from business owners Tim Keele and Christopher Paszkiewicz.

City Administrator Kelvin Shaw gave Council some figures and maps to ponder, emphasizing that his research is "a simplistic look at potential." A traffic engineer will be hired to look at the idea in much more detail.

Fourth Ward Councilman Steve Bloess said he was "on the fence" about the proposal, adding that input will be needed from the Citizens Traffic Advisory Commission, Sedalia Police, Sedalia Fire, PCAD, Pettis County Sheriff's Office and stakeholders in the area, as well as a thorough study by a traffic engineer. "We're in the conceptualization phase, he noted.

Bloess wondered out loud if the benefits of the major shift involving downtown traffic is worth the cost.

Angle parking is already in use on three sides of the courthouse. But all are two-way streets. Sedalia was compared to Marshall Square, but Shaw noted that those streets are much wider than Sedalia's streets to begin with.

Third Street will be left alone, Shaw said, as it is a major artery through the downtown area.

A rezoning request was received from property owners at 1012 North Ohio to rezone a 9.63-acre lot from R-1 (single family) to C-3 (commercial). A hearing was held at a recent Planning & Zoning Commission to review the petition.

Properties to the north are zoned partially commercial and partially residential. Properties to the east and west are zoned industrial Property to the south is vacant and zoned residential, and the property to the south of that is zoned industrial.

Planning & Zoning approved the request from a local church, stating it would be consistent with surrounding uses and comprehensive plan.

Council approved annexation for property owned by Midwest Landing, LLC, along Cambridge Drive.

Property owners at 600 South Missouri (Les Maison's LLC) requested rezoning from R-1 (single family) to R-3 (multi-family). A hearing was held at P & Z to review a petition.

The property is currently being used for a fourplex built in 1971. In 1983, Council rezoned the area to R-1 in an effort to stop conversions from single-family to multi-family dwellings in the area.

If the building is destroyed it could only be rebuilt as a single-family dwelling, it was noted.

Mayor Andrew Dawson recused himself from the discussion.

When the vote was taken, it was O yes to 8 no votes, and the rezoning request was denied.

Council approved two new liquor licenses:

Ann Lisa Limas dba AI and MV Limas Enterprises, LLC, 520 South Ohio, for a special event (Ducks Unlimited Banquet) at the Missouri State Fairgrounds, 2503 W. 16th for a picnic license on Oct. 21, for $37.50

Kaci Barnes dba WAM, 301 East Main, for a special event for “Witches Night Out” in downtown Sedalia, Oct. 25 from 5:30 to 8 p.m, $15

Council approved two liquor license renewals:

Crystal Sims dba Woods Express #570, 703 E. Broadway, for packaged liquor and Sunday Sales, $450

Kelly Wetrz-Black dba State Fair Spirits LLC, 1419 South Limit, for packaged liquor, Sunday sales and taste testing, $487.50

Under Miscellaneous items, Second Ward Councilwoman Tina Boggess noted the date for the unveiling of the George R. Smith College plaque by the Preservation Committee. There will be a brief ceremony at 3 p.m. Oct. 25 on East Pettis Street.

Third Ward Councilman Bob Hiller noted the Crime Stoppers spaghetti dinner scheduled for 5 p.m. Thursday Oct. 26 at Parkview Church. Cost is $8.

First Ward Councilman Tom Oldham noted the success of CASA's "In Her Shoes" event held Saturday night, and CASA's upcoming Dessert Auction in November.

Oldham also said he loves the blue barricades that restrict parade watchers during a parade, such as the one held Friday afternoon for Smith-Cotton's Homecoming.

Under Good & Welfare, Rene Vance approached the Council and apologized for having to cancel the Sedalia Senior Center's lasagna dinner last week. This was due, she said, to a scheduling conflict. Fund-raising by the Senior Center, a United Way agency, is not allowed during the United Way of Pettis County's campaign.

Vance announced another fund-raising dinner scheduled for November 12 featuring turkey and dressing. The senior center serves 5,000 meals a month, she said.

Council then adjourned to closed-door session.

One-way Streets

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