What's that expression about believing half of what you hear? Because when you watch this, you'll believe none of it.

Magician Andy Gross pulls off this crazy prank in which he appears to be cut in half, scaring the bejesus of innocent people looking to get on an elevator.

We know a magician never reveals his secrets, but, come on, can't he please share this one with us? This is simply unbelievable.

And, on a side note, this video sure seems to show that we, as a society, are really not ready to accept people split in half. Everyone runs from Gross like he's got the cooties (except for the accepting woman who asks if she can take a picture with him), while he gives one little girl a cry that could last for days.

Fortunately, the odds of coming into contact with a guy whose body has been sliced in half are about as good as someone getting on an elevator with Gross and not reacting whatsoever when he screams at them.

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