YouTube is full of prank videos. Some are very funny, some are very lame. As a fan of the Friday the 13th movies, I thought this one was well done, and brilliant in its simplicity. Basically, someone puts on a hockey mask, grabs a machete, then scares unsuspecting campers to death. Not literally. But close. 

Check out the first couple. The guy totally pushes his girlfriend/sister/whatever in the water, then runs for his life to escape. If it was his girlfriend, it is very likely that she is now his ex-girlfriend. That detail is unknown at this time.

What makes the Friday the 13th prank outstanding is that it is fairly easy to re-create the creepiness of the movies. Everything you would need to pull off the joke could be picked up from any supplier of Halloween costumes and props. All you would have to do is find some campers, and let the camera roll.

Of course, some of these people might fight back, and potential victims could also be licensed for concealed carry, so it might not the wisest prank to attempt. In this case, it appears that Jason lived.

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