Oh, The Donald. He never passes up the chance to shamelessly self-promote and that’s just what he did in an interview with Newsmax TV.

When asked about who is the best candidate to join the ticket as the running mate of Republican presidential nominee hopeful Mitt Romney, the Donald spoke positively about a few possible GOP politicos.But in the end, he pointed the finger inward.

He called New Jersey Governor Chris Christie “a great guy and a friend of mine.” Then, he spoke about other contenders he doesn’t know but has heard good things about, saying, “They have a lot of good people, but the best choice of all would be Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump: a legend in his own mind and a potential VP candidate!

A quick note to The Donald. The combover can never replaced, but ease up on the self-tanner.

Watch Donald Trump Suggest Himself as Mitt Romney Running Mate

[Via Buzzfeed]

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