I spend some time every day watching random videos on YouTube. It's fun.  It's just a little distraction here and there. Recently, I found a video about Sedalia and got intrigued.  Apparently there's a dude who travels all over the Midwest and walks around the different towns he sees, filming the buildings and traffic and whatnot.  I guess it's like a tour guide type of thing that you can experience virtually? His name is Tom Alyea, and he describes himself as "An avid walker, hiker, and author of numerous books, guidebooks, and journals." A while back, Tom decided to take a walk around Sedalia.

He goes around all over Missouri, but also Arkansas, Oklahoma, the South West, and he did one on the East Coast.

You may not be aware, but I do more than shoot videos and take nice pictures when I walk around the country. I also am an author who writes walking travel guidebooks for cities all across the US. To date, I have written 30 guidebooks, and I'm just about to release several more this month and, hopefully, will have another 20-25 books this year!

He doesn't say anything in the video, and kind of just...takes Sedalia in. That's interesting, because in a lot of videos online, it's about the person who is filming, not necessarily what is being filmed.  I guess to him, the videos just aren't about the person, but the place itself. In this one, it's  specifically the downtown area.  He just walked around, saw what we were about, and filmed it.  It's fascinating to watch, but I can't really explain WHY.  I guess maybe it's seeing our town from someone else's perspective? What someone else chooses to focus on, what they think is interesting or important in our area?

If you were to do a walking tour like this, where in Sedalia would you want to go? Would you go downtown like Tom did, or would you go to the Fairgrounds, or maybe somewhere else?

Walkingly yours,


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