Well guys, I don't know about you, but I don't get to make big trips out of town very much. 

Sure, I might go to KC or St Louis or what have you, but for the most part, I'm a "go to work, go to the store, go home" person.  So when I DO make a venture to take a road trip, it's a pretty big deal.

Well, this past weekend NJ and I went on a road trip galore to Chicago! He bought me concert tickets for my birthday.  It was pretty hard to get the tickets alone (sold out very quickly and there were a lot of hoops to jump through), and he managed to get VIP tickets with access to the soundcheck before the show.  Who were were going to go see?  One of my favorite artists that you might not be too familiar with, Suga.  Or Agust D. Or Yoongi.   This guy.

Or, maybe this guy.

Don't be too intimidated or scared though, because he's also this guy.  Anyway, the main point of the trip WAS the show, but there was a lot more to it as well!  I figured I'd share some photos with you, and you can either live vicariously through me, or learn from my mistakes.  Let's have a look!

Behka's Road to D-Day

It was so much fun.  There were all kinds of people at the concert - college age dudes, young kids, older dudes, teenage girls, and families of all shapes, sizes, and colors. And, if we're being honest, one or two "residual smells" of what I can only assume to be Herbal Jazz Cigarettes. But overall, it was so fun to be around so many people that were so different from me...yet all shared something in common with me, as well. And nobody caused any trouble, as far as I saw, and I didn't hear any stories afterward. I heard a couple about some people at other shows, but not ours.

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I think over all though, while I am so grateful I got to do this, I don't think I would do it again. I think maybe 24 year old me was built for hours of waiting, but... 44 year old me is not.  I wouldn't trade the experience for anything, but next time I think we'll just go with getting a regular seat instead of standing in the "pit".  And maybe don't stay at The Rose.  Like I say, the place was pretty, but the staff were not helpful, and without a helpful staff... it's not worth the price.  But TruLuck's was great - if you're willing to spend that kind of money.  I guess if you're going on a big trip you do plan on spending a little more than you normally would.  So if you're going to go to the city and splurge, maybe try that.

And stream D-Day.  And Face.  And Indigo.  And Jack in the Box. And The Astronaut. And probably this too, even though if we're being real, it wasn't my jam. BUT, if you have Amazon Prime, watch Jinny's Kitchen. For clearer skin. And Just for your own general well being's sake.

Trippingly yours,

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