If you're already rolling your eyes about sausage related jokes, well.  BUCKLE IN BUTTERCUP, 'cos I'm just gettin' Hot Diggity Dog started!

This past weekend, NJ, his best friend Burt,  Burt's sister and her husband (first time I had the chance to meat them, totally cool), and I went up to Wurstfest at the Stone Hill Winery & Hermannhof Festhalle in Hermann. The people up there were real wieners, top notch folks!  I had never been to Hermann, although my Dad told me it's smoked to be fun wine country.  They call themselves the sausage making capital of Missouri, where they link sausage to make ends meat.  And that's a pretty pig deal!  I mustard-mit I was ready to suss out if that was Sus-sage or Saus.....age. I didn't want to  buy imitation if there is genuswine.

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Wurst case scenario, I was worried it would rain and ruin our day. I wasn't sure I had sausage storms around this time of year.  BUT.  Turns out, there was nothing to swine about. They had a Professional & Amateur Sausage Competition and Display, a Sauerkraut Making Class, and a Weiner Dog Derby. You know your grill was stoked.   So bad weather or not,  I wasn't going to get sauer and give up on delicious sausages.  I brat a poncho and an umbrella, just in case. If at first you don’t succeed, fry and fry again. Am I right? Right.

So, come with us on my first journey through Wurstfest, come on now, don't play ketchup!

Trip To WurstFest

Salami get this straight, now that it's all over.  It was very Satis-fry-ing!  I relished the whole day. And I managed not to get so full of bologna that I would regret my life decisions for the next few weeks, that would have been offal. It totally panned out the way I wanted it to. NJ and his friend go every year, on time like a porkypine. And if he doesn't dump my butt, I'll be there next year, too! Well, I guess, wurst case scenario, I could go with you, gentle reader, if he does.  I mean, if you could tolerate me. It would cure my loneliness.

So far, though, he's not tired of the dad jokes. He says he has nothing to wine about.  Yet.  But I'm sure I'll grill him with plenty  more next time. I'll Polish up a few new ones. You can find out more about Wurstfest to prepare for next year at the LINK.... here.

Frank You,


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