In an effort to help promote energy efficiency among students, faculty and staff members, who commute to campus, the University of Central Missouri has recently installed new commercial charging stations for electric vehicles.

According to Mike Papasifakis, the Parking Services Sergeant in the UCM Department of Public Safety, charging stations were installed over winter break, and were made possible in cooperation with Kansas City Power & Light Company (KCP&L). Eight 'ChargePoint' charging stations were provided, each one has the ability to serve two parking spaces at one time.

These are the first charging stations on campus, and the only public charging stations currently available in Warrensburg. Drivers who have electric vehicles with a charging port can currently use the stations, free-of-charge. KCP&L would determine if a charge for the use of the stations is needed in the future.

UCM worked in conjuction with KCP&L to make the charging stations a reality on campus. Automaker, Nissan, also provided funding for the project. The company made the equipment possible, including covering construction costs. UCM’s Office of Facilities Planning and Operations (FPO) assisted with installation.

“We benefit from having these charging stations for vehicle use, but there is an additional benefit to having these stations near 'The Crossing,' because they contribute to our LEED certification for that facility,” said Chris Bamman, director of FPO. LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a designation given to buildings that meet certain energy efficiency standards.

University of Central Missouri
Kurt Parsons

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