You can waste a good chunk of your life playing Facebook games such as FarmTown, FarmVille and FarmFarm (okay, we made that last one up). However, in the case of an Idaho woman in need of a new kidney, FarmTown ended up saving her life.Like many folks, Lisa Miller of Gainesville, GA, got hooked on FarmTown. During one of her sessions she met and befriended a woman from Idaho. As they chatted, Lisa learned the woman had a twenty-something daughter named Tiffany who was sick and needed a kidney transplant to survive.

Miller decided to help the family, and has spent the last three years looking for a matching donor, using social media and word of mouth.

It turns out the perfect donor had been living with her the whole time.

A few months ago, Miller's husband Chris overheard her having a phone conversation about her quest to find Tiffany a kidney. So he volunteered to get tested and -- wouldn't you know -- he was a perfect match.

He immediately agreed to give one his kidneys to Tiffany.

"It's really awesome," Lisa Miller said about this fortunate turn of events. "I can share this with her and him."

And the Millers aren't stopping at just giving Tiffany a vital organ. They are also holding a fundraiser to help offset the costs of the surgery, which will take place in January, and to provide Tiffany and her young son their first vacation in years.

"We want to make sure this kidney survives," Lisa explained. "We aren't giving her this kidney to last today, we’re giving it to her to last a lifetime."

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