This wedding was one nobody will ever forget.

Cody Campbell, a firefighter in California's Los Angeles County, saved the day when a guest at his wedding started choking during the best man toast.

Craig Campbell, Cody's father and best man, who serves as the fire captain in Orange County, set the scene:

At the time I was giving my toast about how proud I was that he was a firefighter, we overheard a couple of people yell, ‘Oh my God! She’s choking.'"

Quicker than you can say, "I do," Cody jumped up and rushed to the woman's aid:

Basically, I just grabbed her and I kicked the chair out of the way, found her navel, rolled up and I just started doing the Heimlich as hard as I could and I did it about five times."

Some people thought it was a show, but it was all too real.

After playing the role of hero, Cody said everything went back to normal and he even saw the woman on the dance floor.

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