There will be fireworks, food, fun, and music this 4th of July in Warrensburg thanks to a local church and the American Legion.

The Freedom Spectacular as it's being billed will be held at Grover Park Baptist Church between the hospital and the Warrensburg Community Center at 409 N. Mitchell Street. The event is being sponsored by the Baptist Church and American Legion Post 131.

The schedule of events includes family fun, food, and games kicking off at 6:30 PM CDT, followed by Faith Rider and American Legion Riders Entrance at 7:15 PM CDT, and a concert by the Warrensburg Community Band at 7:30 PM CDT. There will be a pause for announcements and giveaways at 8:30 PM, and the Patriotic Service and Fireworks show will begin at 9:00 PM.

The rain date for the event is Tuesday, July 5.

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