The National Weather Service in Kansas City is advising those with outside plants, to bring them inside ahead of the first freezing temperatures of the season in Missouri.

In a facebook post, the NWS said:

“We have been fortunate this growing season with the entire area being late to very late to reach its first freeze. We have had some areas briefly reach freezing across northeastern Kansas/ northwestern Missouri however those were not a killing freezes. However, for those agricultural interests, horticulturist, or local enthusiasts the growing season is almost certainly going to come to an end next week with well below normal temperatures forecast. So, if you have waited this long to harvest, or bring plants in, now is the time to do that!”

Right now, the overnight lows predicted for Friday and Saturday are in the lower 40s. Rain is forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, as well as Friday morning.

However, by next Monday, the overnight low dips into the 30s, so a freeze next week sometime is not out of the question.


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