I've been in Sedalia for a few years. In that time I've learned a lot about the city, but it seems like there are always interesting facts popping up that I was unaware of. Here are five new things I recently learned about Sedalia, Missouri after I browsed through the visitors guides.

Harry Truman, Bette Davis and Clint Eastwood have all stayed at the Hotel Bothwell.

Liberty Park Stadium and the former Missouri National Guard Armory on  W. 9th St. were constructed as Works Progress Administration projects during the Great Depression.

Many of Sedalia's public buildings are decorated with murals. It's easy to notice exterior murals, like the Scott Joplin mural on South Ohio, but there are also interior murals in the Pettis County Courthouse and murals in the municipal building.

State Fair Community College opened with a grand total of 436 students. In Fall 2017, there were 4,742 students enrolled at the college.

This might be the most unusual thing I came across in my reading. I'm just going to quote the brochure directly. This is from an article in Sedalia's Heritage Trail about the buildings of McLaughlin Funeral Chapel and McLaughlin Bros. Furniture: "In the late 1800s it was very common, in small Midwestern towns, for the furniture dealer to also be the undertaker, due to the fact that the cabinet maker was also the casket maker." Who knew?

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