Since I have arrived in Sedalia almost 2 months now, I have found many places to dine, and you listeners have given me some wonderful suggestions on local places to eat. 

Last Friday, the staff and I went to a place that has been in business since 1984.  LeMaire's Cajun Catfish.  This place was decorated in a way that made it feel like you were going to get some great seafood.

attachment-Lemaires logo 2

This logo said it all, and many of the guests that were there for lunch this Friday had been there before and our server told us she had been there over 30 years.  She knew what she was doing.

attachment-LeMaires Corn Nuggets
attachment-LeMaires Mac Cheese

Above are the corn nuggets and fried mac and cheese appetizers.  I almost forgot to take a picture of them. The corn nuggets were tasty and you could tell it was a sweet corn flavor, and the mac and cheese were delicious.  Either one is a safe choice for a starter and easy to share with a group.  Both came with ranch dressing.

attachment-LeMaires Cajun Catfish

Since it was my first time, I went with the house special (lunch portion in photo) the LeMaire's Cajun Catfish.  I substituted the seasoned fries for the coleslaw.  I was thinking that the fish needed to be crisper.  I was told that this is normally not done to catfish.  I still found the flavor tasty.  I was not a big fan of the rice, but the baked beans and hush puppies made up for it.

attachment-Lemaires catfish tacos

Above are the Cajun catfish tacos with fries.  Sorry this photo got cut off a bit. You get 3 per order, and Bekha ordered these.  Hi praise for this one.  It came with some slaw and a seafood creole sauce, with sprinkled cilantro.  Not too spicy.

attachment-LeMaires Big Catch

"Money" Mike Pettis went with the Full Net Dinner.  A little bit of everything.  Stuffed crab, butterfly shrimp, catfish, rice, slaw, baked beans, hush puppies, and oysters.  Mike must have been hungry, because he ate it all.  He did acknowledge that the stuffed crab was the highlight of the dish, but all items were prepared perfectly.

attachment-LeMaires Coconut Shrimp

Coconut shrimp for Rob.  Extra rice.  Perfect crispiness.  Rob usually doesn't handle spicy stuff well, and this dish allowed him to get a full dish and not have anything too spicy.  The sauce that came with the shrimp got a thumbs up.

attachment-LeMaires Fried Fish

Oyster lunch for Lori.  Tender, fresh, crispy, Lori cleaned her plate.  Also really loved the hush puppies. I should mention that high praise was also mentioned for the coleslaw which was mayo based, and not vinegar based.  It is the small touches that set this place apart.

attachment-LeMaires Fried Shrimp 2

Breaded Fried Shrimp was ordered by Craig.  Again, high praise on all counts including the slaw.  Cajun fries are good, and not as spicy as you might think.

attachment-LeMaires Big Catch Rules

The "Big Catch Rules" says it all.  This sign is all you need to know about this wonderful spot just off HWY 50.  There are also many other item on the menu, and there are lunch specials and some burger and steak options as well as items for kids.  This place has fresh seafood that you might not expect in the middle of the country.  It could be on the coast and do just as well.  If you like seafood, check this place out.  We had a wonderful time, and I have become more of a seafood person now.

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