The Sedalia City Council began their meeting Monday night with a moment of silence for former City Clerk Shirley Collins, who died July 11.

Collins was hired by the City on Sept. 7, 1961. She became City Clerk July 1 1982 and retired from service April 23, 2004.

“She was awesome. She loved Sedalia. We talked about it all the time. And that was evident, she served on so many boards at the state level. And wherever she went, I was always there, and she made sure she introduced me. And I got to know all of them as well. She was on the MML(Missouri Municipal League), she was on the LAGERS Board, she was on the Consolidated Health Care Board, she served with Meals on Wheels, Community Council and served on many committees through her church, and she's just going to be really missed,” recalled current City Clerk Arlene Silvey.

“She was a true ambassador for Sedalia,” remarked Mayor John Kehde.

“Yes, she was an ambassador, and wherever she went, she talked about Sedalia,” Silvey said. “Just everywhere she went, she wanted to serve, and loved her city.”

“She obviously trained you well,” Mayor Kehde told Silvey.

“She did. Her philosophy was, you start training your replacement the day you start. And she truly did that,” Silvey said of Collins.

Sedalia Fire Chief Greg Harrell also had contact with Collins as a “blue shirt” in his early days with the fire department.

“She definitely was a believer in the City of Sedalia. If you called or stopped by with a question, as far as city policy, she didn't have to look stuff up, she could just about quote it verbatim,” Harrell said. “And she had it right.”

Chief Harrell noted that her son Rodney served many years with the Sedalia Police Department, and also was a DARE Officer.

Pamela Hunter was then recognized for her 19 years of service with the Sedalia Public Library.

Under Public Safety unfinished business, Council then adopted a section of the 2018 International Fire Code relating to inspection of food trucks.

Council accepted the most recent minutes from the Citizen's Traffic Advisory Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Financial Director Dawn Jennings then presented a financial update for the City.

Under Finance and Administration, Council then authorized Bothwell Regional Health Center to seek financing to replace a $250,00 linear accelerator at the hospital.

A records destruction request from the Human Resources Department was granted.

Council then approved a resolution and passed an ordinance authorizing and increase in the budgeted expenditures for 2021-2022 relating to the Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission membership dues in the amount of $3,849.66, which covers six months. The City had stopped paying in 2020 after deciding their voice was not being heard and not well represented by the PTRPC. But over the past 18 months, the leadership and representatives have changed, and according to City Administrator Kelvin Shaw, the director “assured me that (the lack of representation) will change” for the better.

MoDOT sets their project priorities for Region A (one out of 10 in Missouri) by coordinating with regional planning efforts. Also, certain grants are only available through regional planning commissions, Shaw noted.

The PTRPC office is located at 802 South Gordon in Concordia. The home page for their website currently features photos of the Missouri State Fair carnival, and Whiteman Air Force Base's B-2, among others.

Under Public Safety new business, Council heard a lengthy presentation concerning fire pension options for migrating fire department personnel to LAGERS coverage. Council members generally agreed that was the path to take.

Under Public Works, Council approved an agreement with North American Specialty Insurance (Schaumburg, Ill.) after a contractor – Blue Nile Contractors (Birmingham, Mo.) – defaulted on their agreement to work on a water main replacement at 3rd and Engineer. American Specialty secured a replacement contractor for the City in the form of Radmacher Brothers Excavating Company (Pleasant Hill). The cost to complete the project is $64,359 more than what was remaining under the original contract. Therefore, the surety will reimburse the City for the extra cost incurred by the lack of performance from Blue Nile.

Council agreed to an agreement with Cintas to provide uniforms and to change the logo on the uniforms for Public Works Department employees. The uniforms will have the City's new logo “Let's Cross Paths” attached.

Due to M & M Excavating not installing a tee and plug on a portion of a project they worked on that would allow Radmacher Brothers to connect their part of the water main project, Council agreed to add a change order of $7,897.50 to the Radmacher contract to pay for extra costs for doing a live tap on the line. It was noted that M & M Excavating will not be paid for the pieces they did not install.

Council agreed to an adjustment for final costs for water main replacement at 3rd and Warren, which involves actual quantities of pies, valves, fittings, etc., that was used in the project. The result is a new decrease of $10,956, bringing the contract with Earthworks Excavation and Associates, LLC, to $494,227.76.

Council agreed to purchase of a 54-inch plotter-printer for street signs at a cost of $9,576 from Grimco, Inc. (Fenton, Mo.).

Under Community Development, a conflict in the code of ordinances regarding preliminary and final lat filing fees was resolved.

One new liquor license was issued Monday night, which was for Bryan Welpman dba Welpman Springs Brewing Company, 517 Hatchery Road, Stover, Special Event, $15 for the Lions Club Zombie Crawl scheduled for Oct. 16 in downtown Sedalia.

Eight liquor license renewals were issued Monday night:

*Paul Bennett dba George Whiteman American Legion, 2016 W. Main, for packaged liquor and Sunday Sales, $450
*Brody Barklage dba Casey's General Store #1063, 1909 W. Main, for packaged liquor and Sunday Sales, $450
*Teri Bates dba Casey's General Stores #2347, 1601 W. Broadway, for packaged liquor and Sunday Sales, $450
*Angela Lee dba Casey's General Store #3257, 3050 S. Limit, for packaged liquor and Sunday Sales, $450
*Shari Buck Moore dba Casey's General Store #1601, 3500 W. 16th, for packaged liquor and Sunday Sales, $450
*Kristina Moore dba Casey's General Store #1052, 716 W. 16th, for packaged liquor and Sunday Sales, $450
*Charles Wansing dba Chez When, 121 E. 3rd, for liquor by the drink, $450
*Honor Villalobos dba Kehde's BBQ of Sedalia, LLC, 1915 S. Limit, for liquor by the drink, $450

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