The Warrensburg City Council discussed future community capital projects Monday night, much of it concerning infrastructure.

City Manager Harold Stewart detailed a litany of projects, most all of which require additional funding through bond issues approved by voters.

The top projects involved replacing the Maguire bridge over US 50, rebuilding Maguire, expanding City Hall, building a second community center, improving the Young Street corridor and building a new fire station.

Several smaller, less costly projects were also listed during the one-hour meeting.

After much discussion, it was decided to plan a work session to help decide how to prioritize the projects, and which ones to put before the voters as a bond issue.

*Cost estimate for a bridge replacement is $17M.
*Cost estimate for rebuilding Maguire from Cooper to Hale (Route DD) is over $26M.
*Cost estimate for adding a third floor to City Hall are $6.5M, not including furniture.
*Cost estimate to build Fire Station 3 is $3.8 - $5.6M.
*Cost estimate to improve the Young Street corridor is $75,000 - $100,000 for planning. More for demolition and construction.
*Cost of a new community center (the current one is 20 years old) is $30 - $50M.
*Cost to improve Culton Street is $180,000.
*Cost to demolish old wastewater facilities is $150,000. The old structures are considered a public safety hazard.

With a community survey on the way, Warrensburg Mayor Casey Lund said he looks forward to seeing “what the community has an appetite for,” on bond issues that can get approved, “but also sets us up for the future.”

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

Stewart noted that all the projects involve “a lot of money, a lot of ideas,” but it is worthwhile to start a meaningful conversation to help plan the future of Warrensburg. He added that timing of a bond issue may be critical to getting it passed, noting that Parks & Rec, as well as the R-6 School District, may be planning for their own bond issues as well.

But without a tax increase approved by voters, there won't be as many possibilities to get the major projects done, he concluded.

“Outside the fire station and bridge replacement, there won't be any matching federal or state dollars available to do it,” Stewart promised.

An engineering update was requested to help Council members get a firm grip on the current situation before making any decisions.

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