A public meeting seeking public comments on the future use of Spring Fork Lake, a 125-acre lake located on 450 acres, 12 miles south of Sedalia, is scheduled for 6:30 tonight near the start of the regular City Council meeting.
The lake is currently used as a recreational area. Some Council members want to sell it, citing the cost to maintain the property is not justified, while others want to keep it and improve it.

Several years ago, the lake was used as a source of drinking water for the City of Sedalia. But now that is no longer the case. Spring Fork is now strictly a recreational area.

A cooperative agreement was entered into several years ago with the Department of Conservation to manage the recreational fishing aspect of the lake.

According to City Administrator Kelvin Shaw, “Keeping the property certainly has ongoing potential public benefits, while on the other hand, those benefits come at a cost. Therefore, if we are going to use public funds, we should solicit input from such public as to what extent they would value these benefits,” Shaw said.

Spring Fork Lake

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