This weekend, there are two walks that are near and dear to my heart for very different reasons.  The first walk I want to mention is the Walk to End Alzheimer's that will take place in Sedalia this Saturday, September 8, at the Missouri State Fairgrounds Highway Gardens.  The registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and the walk itself is at 10 a.m.

Alzheimer's is something that has a personal meaning to me.  My Uncle Jim Lafata had it, and I was lucky enough to do an interview with him before he lost his memory about serving our country in World War II.   He was surrounded by loved ones, encouraging him along the way and giving him the love and help that was much needed.

It saddens me to say he died, but the memory of his great love still spreads through my family's lives.  Unfortunately, many others have gone through this terrible ordeal and have seen loved ones lose their memories.  I hope one day the donations that have poured in will help.  Who knows, your $10, $25, $100 or whatever donations you can give could be the one that puts our scientists and doctors over the top to finding a cure to Alzheimer's.  So please, if you're in Sedalia, consider this walk.  It's just a walk around the Fairgrounds, minus the corndogs.

The second walk is one that is also one that I hope you consider too.  It is the Nathan's Quest 5K Run/Walk, put on by the New Vision Youth Service Organization in Warrensburg.  This one will take place Saturday morning at the University of Central Missouri Soccer Fields on DD Highway.  Registration begins at 8 a.m. with a start time of 9 a.m. this Saturday, September 8.

This walk continues the legacy of  a boy who lost his life to leukemia, Nathan Crabtree.  He was 12 years old in 2006 and the city rallied behind him to make sure that he got the necessary treatments.  I had the chance to help with numerous fundraisers and even met the family during some of those occasions.  I like to think because of the treatments he received that there are many kids that benefited from the the things researchers learned while giving him treatments for leukemia.

When Nathan passed on, many organizations, including the New Vision Youth Service Organization, rallied to not forget how Nathan brought the city together.  They have made it a goal to ensure those families that have kids being treated for cancer will not have to worry about incidental expenses ranging from gas to parking to meals to childcare.

I realize these two walks are at the same time, but I hope you take the time to participate in one or the other, or take the time to donate towards their causes.

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