I just took a quick break and saw something that I thought was a very cool random act of kindness that Sedalia displays time and time again. Sometimes they go unnoticed, sometimes they don't. This act I saw inspired me to hopefully share more random acts of kindness in the future.

I drove down to Sonic on South Highway 65 and there was a family of four walking in front of Sonic, next the highway.  It caught my attention, because I actually missed my turn, but in missing the turn witnessed something very cool. I came back around and one of the employees of Sonic walked over to check on them and the next thing I know the family was brought to the front of the store where the patio is at and it appeared they were being taken care of. I told the person at the window, I thought it was a great deed, since one of them was carrying a suitcase, another was pushing a baby stroller and I admired the act of kindness.

I don't know this families situation, but even if it was a one time help or whatever the case, it appeared their sudden smiles was there.

I think that this is another shining example of how even in a simple deed or a random act of kindness, Sedalia shows its greatest side.

Sonic of Sedalia definitely it getting my 'Gold Star' and 'Thumbs Up' for the day. If you go to Sonic on South 65 today, let them know their thoughtfulness was noticed and I'm sure appreciated by that family.

If you see a random act of kindness, I'd like to know about it. Share your stories with us in the comment section.