As we trudge along with our daily activities, how many of these things have you been doing wrong?

According to an article on, we're doing these different thing the wrong way. See if any of these pertain to you.

  • When it comes to plastic food containers, reheating in them are not all the same. Rectangular plastic containers attract more energy in the corners thus not sending the energy properly to where it's needed to warm your food. Round containers do a better job.
  • Do you have problems with your blender stalling on you when trying to mix different ingredients. According to the article, you should always have liquids or softer substances at the bottom and then your harder objects, e.g., ice as one of the last ingredients. The blades will run smoother as it slowly mixes in the other ingredients.
  • Ever notice that not all breads toast alike? The info from the article states the following:

The type of bread you’re toasting affects how hot you should set your toaster. While white and sweet breads heat quickly, heavier ones like rye take more time. Even slices from the same loaf might need a different setting after a few days. Once bread starts to dry out, you might need lower heat for the less fresh slices, which don’t take as long to toast.

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