Have any of you done your taxes yet?   This year will be an unusual one for me.  Since I lived in two states, I will have to file two state returns, and then I collected unemployment too.   Not to mention figuring out what you can deduct.

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We are two months from Tax Day, and apparently there is an IRS staffing shortage.  If any of you think you will be getting a refund, for many of us, we want it as soon as possible.  So we can spend it, right? Either on bills, vacation, or essentials.

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I usually use Turbo Tax, but this year I am sitting down with an accountant because the way everything was figured by Turbo Tax, somehow I owe money to the state of Missouri, despite not living in the state for less than 2 months in 2021.  And I NEVER owe money.  I always ask for as many taxes to be removed from my checks as possible, so I do not owe come tax time.

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So if you think you are going to get a refund this year, and want it as soon as possible, follow these tips:

1.  File ASAP.  Sooner you can file, sooner you will get your refund. Do not wait until the last minute.

2.  If you can use E-Filing, do it.  Don't mail in your tax forms.  The IRS says that this method could allow your refund to come within 21 days.  That is twice as fast if you go by mail.

3.  Try to not make any mistakes.  Seems obvious, but getting audited is bad and will certainly slow down your refund.  So double check your work.

4.  Request Direct Deposit.  If you allow the IRS to direct deposit your refund, instead of asking for a check, it will come sooner.

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Hope those tips help, and I hope you get a big refund.  Happy filing! My name is Tim Thomas and I am here to help!

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