The Beyonce concert last night was the biggest thing to hit Arrowhead Stadium since Taylor Swift's appearance in Travis Kelce's suite last week, so can you blame the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for wanting in on the act with some concert health tips? I can't. It's also the perfect jumping-off point for some tips on how to have the best time if you're heading to a concert this fall.

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First, let's digest some of the tips provided by MDHSS. They suggest staying hydrated. Nothing's worse than having one drink too many at a show, or being at an outdoor show and not being hydrated enough. I always try to match one beer with one water. Nothing's wrong with catching a buzz unless you get a bad buzz. Staying hydrated will keep that from happening. (Also yaknow, maybe don't drink so much, manage your buzz. That's my two cents.)

They also suggest earplugs if you're sitting near the speakers. Take it from a DJ who wears headphones way too much. Hearing loss sucks. Concerts should be loud. But there is loud, and uncomfortably makes your ears hurt loud. If you're going to a show where the sound guy is going to crank it up, take some earplugs with you. You don't have to use them, but if you have them, if you think it's too loud, you can pop 'em in and save your hearing. I speak from experience when I say earplugs in many cases don't take away from the show.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services also says to bring some hand sanitizer, especially important if you're going to snack before or during the show, and if you're in a crowded bathroom and don't get to wash your hands as well as you'd like.

As a longtime concertgoer, I'd add the following to what MDHSS is suggesting.

Download your electronic tickets onto your phone at home. Nothing's worse than having internet issues at the venue and having trouble accessing your tickets.

Designate a driver who won't drink at the show. Someone's got to be sober enough to get everyone home safely, and deciding this before you leave is a great way to avoid any squabbles in the adult refreshment line.

Leave early, nothing's worse than running into traffic or parking problems and missing the show.

Finally, know what you can and can't bring into the venue you're going to. Shows at stadiums like Arrowhead usually prohibit bags and purses and enforce the NFL's clear bag policy, whereas smaller venues may have more relaxed rules as far as bags. Knowing what you can and can't bring inside with you might save you a trip back to the car.

If you keep these things in mind, you'll have an excellent concert experience and your friends will too.

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