Democratic candidate for the 4th Congressional District Renee Hoagenson paid a visit to Sedalia Tuesday evening at Dukes & Boots for a town-hall style meeting.

About 35 people attended the event. Hoagenson, of Columbia, faces primary opposition Aug. 7 in the form of Democrat Hallie J. Thompson of Columbia; and Libertarians Steven Koonse of Leeton, and Mark Bliss of Warrensburg.

Then if she comes out on top August 7, she faces incumbent Republican Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler of Harrisonville in the general election Nov. 6. Hartzler herself faces John Webb of Cleveland in the primary.

Hoagenson told the crowd she felt galvanized to enter the race and take on Hartzler, acknowledging that her Republican opponent will most likely raise a lot more money, about five times as much, in this election than she will. "I have no illusions about that," she said.

To date, Hoagenson, 51, has raised around $200,000 for her campaign. That amount came from about 2200 donors giving small donations. In fact, the average donation is about $60, she said. "I am humbled by that." Hoagenson noted that her goal is to raise $1.5 million before the general election.

By contrast, about half of Hartzler's campaign money comes from PACs and very large donors, including NRA money, she said.

"We need to put all of the chaos aside and work together," Hoagenson remarked when asked about the Trump factor in the election.

This is Hoagenson's first time running for public office, but, she stated that "we are already creating a lot of momentum."

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