Guys, I don't know about you, but since the whole, you know, Global Situation went down, I've been very careful. 

I've been motivated to keep my distance from most people I don't know, and to make sure to keep my hands clean.  I've wiped stuff down, all that jazz, you know.  Well, since things are starting to calm down, I let my guard down.


So now, I have what I will affectionately refer to as The Lurgy.  I haven't had it in ages, and it's a specific type of cold and cough only I seem to get. Now before you panic, it is NOT the dreaded 'Rona.


I took two of these bad boys, and both came back negative.   Kinda looks like a pregnancy test, doesn't it.  ANYWAY.

The congestion lasts for ages, nothing seems to shift it, once I start coughing, it's just like a tube of Pringles (once I start, I can't stop?).

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Well, it started Saturday morning, and by that time I'd already left town to go see my boyfriend (he had a work event thing Friday he asked me to go to).  And at first, I was okay. I got up, I started to help him get some stuff ready to sell online, and after about a half an hour, he told me to sit.

Because The Lurgy had started.  I took medicine, his Mom swooped in and gave me the Supreme Mom Treatment (extra pillows, blankets, medicine, a nice warm drink, etc).  And I thought to myself, while this feels great, is it helping?  Turns out, yeah, Mom's instincts were right.


According to an article I found from the Mayo Clinic, there are a few home remedies for a cold that can really help you feel better.  Everything NJ's Mom gave me - a warm lemonade drink, extra OTC medicine, a humidifier with mentholated stuff in it, and the encouragement to rest.... that's all stuff they tell you to do at the Mayo Clinic.

So even though she's not a doctor....she was right on!  I'm getting there, slowly feeling better. I hope I'll be done with this by this weekend.

What are some of your favorite home remedies for a cough and cold?  Was there something your Grandma or Mom told you to try?  Something you found on your own? Tell us all about it!

Sickly yours,

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