Obviously, these are some of the most extreme thing you could buy. The winner of our NCAA bracket challenge will probably buy nice home, pay off some debt, give gifts to loved ones, invest or travel. Just in case someone wants to spend all of their money in one place, here are just a few ideas.

Buy Expensive Cars 
- After winning a million dollars, live in the fast lane. Buying fast, flashy, and expensive cars is definitely one way to spend a million bucks. You could spend almost exactly $1 million on three Lamborghini's and a Dodge Viper.
By markhazleton on flickr.com
A Big New Home - Buying a large house on the lake is another way to spend $1 million. A 5,475 square foot house with four bedrooms and five bathrooms would cost close to $1 million on at Lake of the Ozarks.
Chiefs Season Tickets 
- After signing new quarterbacks Alex Smith and Chase Daniel, you may want to buy some Kansas City Chiefs tickets. You could buy around 6,000 Chiefs tickets. So call your friends because you have plenty of tickets to give away. 
A Brand New Watch - That is right, one watch. A famous watch maker, Hubolt, and a diamond setting workshop made a watch called the Big Bang. The
Big Bangwatch is valued at 1 million dollars. It keeps perfect time.
  • Fishing Bait - That is right, fishing bait. There is a 1 million dollar lure. The lure is over 3 pounds of gold and platinum.
  • Good luck on winning the NCAA Bracket Challenge and $1 million!