Guys, today I'd like to ask you about the mysteries of animal behavior. 

For our house, I have two animals that share that space with me.  Felines.  Both about ten years old.  They are regularly fed, played with, brushed, nails trimmed, licensed, all that good stuff.  They have plenty of space to play, lounge, run, etc.

When it comes to food, there are certain things that this one has gotten a little more sensitive about recently. Anytime I go to the kitchen, she follows me.  And then proceeds to flop on the floor very dramatically, looking at me, longingly.  She has kibble in her bowl.  I give them both enough every morning and evening, and a little wet food once a week (usually Sundays).


Never before did she care about treats, human food, any of that.  Yet whenever I open a certain cabinet in my desk now, she perks up, because that's where I keep the cat treats.  Whenever I have cereal, she demands to lick the bowl (she never gets more than a few drops, I know it's not great for her). Heck, I had dumplings the other day and she was so mad I wouldn't share, she acted like I was eating HER FOOD out of the bowl.  Like, what you want, cat, you want the spicy gochujang sauce, too? You can't have that!

For the past month or so, like I said, she follows me to the kitchen every time I go. I guess she's hoping that every afternoon will become Sunday?  That just maybe this trip will be the one that brings her wet food?  She could be in a dead sleep on the other side of the couch, but if I get up for the kitchen, she's coming with me.  Then I'll just refill my water or something and she'll dramatically reflop herself onto her blanket.  It's not even like she's hungry, there's food in the bowl.  I guess she has FOMO on that sweet wet food?

What's something that your pet does in anticipation of food?  Does your dog get excited when you open the fridge?  Does your cat run when they hear a can opener?  Does your rabbit start thumping the floor if they hear a bag rustling?

Pettingly yours,


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