This was just for my own fun, so don't take it too seriously.But one thing you might not know about me is that when I'm off the air, I'm off.  When I'm done, I'm in my office working on online stuff, or writing these things, typing up the news, etc.  So it doesn't involve me chit chatting with people often, because, you know, working. And my office is a bit toward the back of the building, so it's not like people just stop by or anything.

When I'm home, I can easily go an hour or more without speaking to Husbando.  He's used to it.  We talk when we have something to say, sure.  If he's got a comment on a commercial or the show he's watching, he'll speak up. We talk about dinner, bills, whatever, when it comes up. But most of the time, we just sit and silently do our thing.  HOWEVER.  There is something that he does from time to time..

Sometimes, he'll just tap the couch next to me to get my attention, point at me, and tell me he loves me.  Just randomly, out of the blue.   Sometimes I do it too, but I think he does it more than I do.  So, for the sake of science, I decided to observe and document.  Just how  many times a night will Husbando tell me he loves me? Let's find out.

Beginning with text messages.  He sent me two pictures with a love theme and sent me two texts saying "Loves ya".   Now for after I get home and settled in for the night? Here we go.

3:14. Just got home, had to walk in during a sudden torrential rain. I offer "rain hugs", he declines. ILY #1

3:24 Shoots me a finger gun with a wink.

3:55 We go out on the porch for a minute to watch the rain. He asks me about my day, etc. When I get up to go back inside, he gives me a little hug. ILY #2

4:57 He knocks a tissue box and the cat sprayer (if you have a cat, you know) off the couch. He says he's sorry. ILY #3.

6:06 Dinner's almost over. He's starting this second helping of pot roast while starting an episode of Miracle Workers. He reaches his hand over, squeezes mine. ILY #4.

7:02 Sends me kissy faces from the couch.

7:25 Got up to do the dishes. Pointed a water bottle at me. ILY #5.

8:38 I hand him my phone to charge. Kissy faces.

9:02 Reaches his hand out to me, quick hand squeeze.

9:21 Gets into a staring match with my cat. Pointing, hand holds.

9:46 Ask him if he would like to add anything to the grocery list, he says no. ILY #6

9:56 Announce I am going to bed. Tells me I can turn the light off and go to bed. He susses out what I'm doing (this blog). Asks if it's a bad thing. I tell him no.

Do you and your partner do this, or are we just weird?  I'm fully willing to accept we might be weird.  Do you make a point to tell your partner you love them every day? How do you do it?

Scientifically yours,

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