Through my many years of Christmas' I've seen quite a few trees. Being raised in the country, living on a farm until I was five, and living in a small town for most of my childhood years, I still think those years of having a cedar tree adorning our house for Christmas is my favorite.

I can still remember going out as a child and cutting down a cedar out in a pasture on our farm. Whether it was at our house, my grandparents or at one of my Aunt & Uncle's house, it was always the cedar tree that graced the homes during the Christmas season. To this day if I'm around a cedar tree, the smell automatically takes me back.

I think the reason for the cedar tree was number one, it was easy to go out to one of our fields, find the right one, and cut it down. Number Two, living on a farm and it being back a few years ago, it didn't make sense to go out and spend money on a tree when you had one just a few steps away. Number three, I'm not really sure we had access to have anything else but cedar trees. We probably could have gone into town but I really don't think Christmas tree lots were around our small town.

I'm not sure when we got our first fake tree. It may have been during the three years that my mom and myself moved to Albuquerque. This was during my junior high years. I'm not opposed to the fake one, in fact, that's what we have now.

Now there were a few years where a scotch pine also graced one of the rooms where I lived as I got older.

So, what is your favorite tree to have decorated at Christmas?

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