Can you even imagine the fear of seeing this barreling toward your windshield? That's exactly what happened to Texas A&M professor Dr. Guan Zhu, and his dashboard camera captured the whole thing!

The accident happened about 2:30 Tuesday afternoon in College Station, Texas. The cement truck ran a red light and caused his truck to roll over and come right for Dr. Zhu's minivan. Amazingly, neither of the drivers suffered any major injuries. According to KBTX, Zhu had a few minor injuries and the truck driver was unharmed and received a ticket at the scene. He did end up spilling his load of cement on the road, which took crews several hours to clean up.

Dr. Zhu had installed the camera in his dash in case he was ever involved in an accident. Little did he realize that he would capture on of the most terrifying videos of all time!

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