The hottest topic at Monday night’s city council meeting was not one that was on the agenda, but instead was part of the “Health and Welfare” portion of the meeting.  Several citizens rose to talk about their concern with the safety of the intersection at 10th and Winchester Road located on the west edge of Sedalia.

The intersection was the site of a tragic accident that took the life of a small child about two years ago.  The child's grandmother was one of several people who asked the council to give more thought to making the two-way stop intersection a four-way stop.  Those in attendance included residents of the Winchester Meadows Senior Citizen’s Home, located just past the intersection.

Sedalia Police Chief John DeGonia told the council that he is going to place the new electronic traffic trailer the police department recently purchased at that site to gather traffic data.  DeGonia said that data will be used to evaluate the intersection, and will then be brought to the city council to make the final decision.

Do you think the intersection should be made into a four-way stop?  Let us know in our poll.

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