Recently I had to go to the Walmart in Sedalia to pick up a prescription.  Entering that parking lot, there is that one pothole that is still not filled.  If you are not careful, when you leave that parking lot, you hit that pothole and it could affect your tires, or front end of your vehicle.  I am sure I am not alone in sharing my frustration of hitting a pothole, especially if you happen to run over one that you can't see due to various conditions.

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For the City of Kansas City, It’s their least favorite time of year — pothole season. You may feel some drops and bumps driving around KC roads. But what can you do if your tire pops or you see damage?  I think many in Sedalia, and other towns in West Central Missouri can relate to this, and I think they should follow the model that the home of the Chiefs and Royals do.

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You should be able to file a claim if there is any damage done to your vehicle, that is caused by a pothole.  I mean, if the city can't take the effort to fill it, then they should cover your cost.  I realize that weather conditions, and perhaps staffing issues, can make the filling of various potholes a bit more difficult.  Warmer weather is usually an easier time to do this, and our weather keep changing.

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If your vehicle is damaged by a pothole,  MODOT has a link to file a claim and you can check that our HERE.  And if you want to see what Kansas City does for pothole season you can click HERE.  Either way, please be careful when driving the roads in town, and hopefully the City can put a rush on getting these holes filled.  Especially in front of the largest retail establishment in Sedalia.

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