It's not easy being Travis Kelce. Oh, wait. Yes, it is. The Kansas City Chiefs player did have a moment where he didn't win recently and it was all Taylor Swift's fault.

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Entertainment Tonight shared this fun moment where Kansas City Chief Travis Kelce shared on his brother's podcast that he made an attempt to get his phone number to Taylor Swift at the recent Kansas City, Missouri concert featuring her.

The short version is Travis wanted to meet Taylor. That effort was rejected, but it gets better (in a rejected Taylor Swift kind of way). Turns out that Travis had a plan that involved two elements:

  1. Get Taylor Swift to accept a friendship bracelet
  2. Include his phone number on the bracelet

The problem is Taylor wasn't having any part of it. If you believe Travis Kelce's version of how this played out, Taylor Swift didn't reject a meeting with him. He claims that she doesn't meet anyone thanks to the "44 songs she sings in concert". Right.

Perhaps this is for the better. Taylor Swift is well known for writing songs about former partners. If he and Taylor had become an item, there could have been a song entitled "Look What You Made Me Do, Travis Kelce". Ouch.

Back to training camp, Travis where you and Patrick J. Mahomes stand a better chance at winning another Super Bowl than scoring a date with Ms. Swift.

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