Times are tough for many. That's as evident as ever in a notice that Smithfield Foods is closing 35 Missouri hog production sites which will mean 92 jobs will be lost by October.

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Yahoo Finance just shared the story of Smithfield Foods and their closure of many Missouri hog production sites. Here are the specifics of what locations are closing and where they are in Missouri from Yahoo:

The notice to the state's Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development, dated Aug. 2, identified 35 hog farm operation sites. They included 13 sites in Newtown, Missouri; 12 in Lucerne, Missouri; and 10 in Princeton, Missouri.

It's been a tough day for job news as we shared earlier that Tyson is closing 2 Missouri plants.

Why are these Missouri plants closing?

According to financial reports by Smithfield Foods, there is a lower demand for meat products as they say that the economy is being hurt by inflation, interest rates and what they call "spiraling feed and labor costs".

There is a small light at the end of this unemployment rainbow according to the Smithfield Foods press release saying employees were given advanced notice and given opportunities to transfer to another company facility "if there is a position available". That's a big caveat.

As it stands, these 35 Missouri hog sites are set to be shut down by Smithfield on October 8, 2023. Let's hope the many affected workers will find new employment quickly.

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