It's a fact that many are choosing to leave Chicago for one reason or another. When you have a population as large as the Windy City, it's inevitable you'll see a lot of people who relocate. There's a new survey that names the top 5 cities they're choosing to move to when Chicago is no longer where they want to call home.

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As someone that grew up in Missouri, I found Chicago (especially sports teams) to be natural rivals. However, I recently defended Chicago when the internet advised to "flee while you can".  The statistics do say though that many are indeed fleeing.

Homebay recently ranked the cities where Chicago people are moving to the most and the destinations are interesting.

Infographic, Homebay
Infographic, Homebay

I'm only really surprised at Washington, DC as a top 5 Chicago moving from destination. Did they survey a lot of Illinois politicians? Asking for a friend. Warm weather climates like LA, Phoenix and Tampa make perfect sense for someone tired of Chicago wind and winters.

It's true that Chicago is very much a demonized city. It's very fashionable to throw down on how awful Illinois and/or Chicago are. While it's not a city I can imagine ever choosing for me and my family, I will admit Chicago has its strong points. The suburbs of the Windy City are especially underrated (if you can afford to live in them).

Check out the full survey from Homebay for other interesting takeaways about where people want to move to or in the case of Chicago away from.

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