Summer is still "technically" a month away but now that we are in May, experts are predicting parts of the Land of Lincoln could face what they are calling an "unusually" hot summer. Here are the details you need to know...

According to an article on Axios Chicago, experts believe the Chicagoland area could be facing an unusually hot summer. In the article, they say "Everywhere in the Lower 48 — except for North Dakota — is projected to be hotter than average, but with varying odds...Chicago, along with areas spanning from the UP all the way down to Florida, has a 40% to 50% chance of an unusually hot summer." The article goes on to mention that this is important to prepare for because extreme heat can be a public health danger. To read more on the possibility of a painfully hot summer in Chicago, click here!

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The new normal?

At what point in time should we just accept that hot summers are the new normal in parts of the Midwest? Or do we just wait, and every springtime for the next 50 years do we just prepare ourselves to read articles like "hottest summer on record predicted" It may feel redundant to "predict" an unusually hot summer, but with the migrant crisis and all the people living in big cities without airconditioning maybe it is a good thing to prepare politicians and cities with as much time to prepare to help people before the 100-degree temperatures just arrive at our doorsteps?

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