The Missouri State Fair is looking for veterans and active duty service members who have proudly served or are serving, America and Missouri, to be honored at the Missouri State Fair this August.

The Fair is accepting nominations for their Veteran/Active Military Honoree of the Day. The public can nominate an active military member or veteran by filling out a form on the Missouri State Fair website and returning it to the Fair.

The Missouri State Fair will choose eleven veterans/active duty service members to honor in the Fair's daily Military Flag Retreat ceremony outside the Historic Administration Building on the Fairgrounds.

Nomination forms are available via the Missouri State Fair website here. The Missouri State Fair asks that the form be filled out as thoroughly as possible, as the information submitted will be used by a panel of judges to select the eleven nominees.

There are a few other details regarding this honor. Nominees must be Missouri residents and available to attend one of the eleven days of the 2024 Missouri State Fair between August 8 - August 18. Completed nomination forms must be submitted via email or mailed to The Missouri State Fair, Attn: Flag Retreat Committee. The deadline to submit nominations is May 27, 2024.

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