This morning (Aug. 9), something happened as I entered the fairgrounds that will be happening every morning on the grounds, but hopefully with more attention given by people than what I saw this morning.

As I was walking towards the MEC Building, the loudspeaker announced the National Anthem was going to be played. When the song began, the majority of people around me stood, hats in hand over their hearts, facing the grandstand where the music was coming from. A flag was observed by myself and some those others who were exercising our patriotic duty to honor our flag and country. To my amazement a good number of people strode by those of us standing at attention as though nothing was going on.

It could be that I was offended because I am a veteran, but I would rather think that even had I never worn a uniform, I would still have enough respect for flag and country to take the few minutes it takes to play our anthem to show that respect. We live in a country where freedom is our birthright, but we should not take it for granted.

As stood there, I found myself wondering how many of those people who walked by so unconcerned could even remember how to say the Pledge of Allegiance?

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