It is time for another update on my cardio rehab at the Bothwell Hospital Rehab Center. My schedule has changed and now I don’t have to get up and around as early as before. I changed classes from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., something my wife liked too. The workouts are getting longer and harder, but that is as expected.

There are two other men and two women in my class, and they can all outdo me at the present time. I tell myself it is because they have been working out longer and that makes me feel better.

Today was a weigh in day, and I am proud to say I showed a pound lost since last week. That. of course. is a drop in the bucket of what I must lose, but it shows that exercise works, because I have not cut out much in the way of food. That is something I may have to get stricter on later.

Right now. I feel great except that my shoulders hurt. It seems like the stretches are harder on me than the equipment exercises. It is good to know I am doing something positive for my health. I just hope that if anyone is reading this who needs to change something they are either doing or not doing to live longer and enjoy life more, that they will take the opportunity to do it before, like me, it becomes an emergency room thing.

I will update you again next week. Live long and Prosper.