I had a couple of duties throughout Saturday (August 11) that I like to call the perks of the job.  I hung out in the Bud Tent to introduce Jason Cassidy at the 2 p.m. show.  Even though he was running a little bit behind since he had a late night in Wichita, he played an assortment of music from Montgomery Gentry to Jamey Johnson, and then music from his new CD on A Blake Records, My Redemption.  He shared a story during the set that the title track was that he got away from going to church and then sometime when he met his wife, he came back to the church.  He got a good round of applause for that and also the set he put on.  If you missed out on him, you can see him play again today (Sunday, August 12) at 2 and 6 p.m.

I then judged six ladies who went for the Missouri State Fair Idol.  I think it is great that they get to sing two songs this year during qualifying, since it gives people the chance to see how diverse they are.  The crowd was great in the Bud Tent for the Idol.

I got a surprise that we had meet and greets for 38 Special and Montgomery Gentry, so we gathered up and had the chance to go back and shake hands with these two great bands.  Our weekend warrior, Kaleb Filis, joined me on stage to introduce the bands, and I think we threw out tons of hats and t-shirts.  Although somebody got my KIX 105 hat, we threw that out too.  I've never had the chance to introduce a country act and rock act at the same time, so I was going to have duel hats for the night.  Our other weekend warrior, Abbey Veale, joined me backstage for Montgomery Gentry.  I have to say, she was excited to meet them. The cool thing was that they had 38 Special shirts on, so I didn't feel bad about having my Bob hat on for a country act.

For those that don't know, just below the stage is a whole room, it feels kind of like a bunker going in, but it's very spacious.   I never realized how tall the guys from Montgomery Gentry really were until you're up close to them.


They put on a good show, and it was nice to finally meet these two bands!  Now to get geared up for Sunday, for the Truck and Tractor Pulls and back at the Bud Tent with Jason Cassidy!

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