LA MONTE  - Jay Lyle began his racing career many years ago with wins coming from racetracks all over Missouri, including Sportsman’s Speedway in Marshall. Now, he still puts on an exciting show and is always looking for just one more feature win.

And he got that Friday night at L A Raceway in La Monte. Scott Krause, past track champion, and Lyle began on the front row in the Xtreme Motors Street Stock feature event. After several rough laps and Krause leading, Lyle got the break he needed when a caution flew on lap five.

When the race resumed, it was a three-car battle for the lead. Krause, Lyle and Marc Carter came out of turn four three-wide with Lyle beating them to the line. Krause got crossed up coming out of turn two on the next lap making contact with both Carter and Jay Prevete. This little hiccup gave Lyle the breathing room he needed.

The rest of the race was like cats chasing a mouse. Lyle took the feature win with about six car links over Carter. Krause, Ted Welschmeyer and Prevete rounded out the top five.

Another good, entertaining feature was in the Gill Signs 305 Sprint feature event. Mitchell Moore has been flawless all season long.

Well “Mr. Excitement” Tom McGarry decided to try to break that streak. Lauren Klem started on the pole with Moore to her right. Klem gave it her best shot and tried to beat Moore to the punch, but Moore showed that experience was on his side.

Klem remained strong in second until a caution allowed McGarry to get the jump on her. He then set his sights on Moore. There were many attempts by McGarry for the lead and they looked as if they would stick, but the top side of the track was still slightly faster.

A caution came out and that was just whatMoore needed to seal the win, again. McGarry’s tires cooled off and Moore switched to running the bottom of the track to block any advances by McGarry.

Moore still remains undefeated this season. McGarry, Klem, Chad Goff and Mike Schouten finished in the top five.

In the Jim’s Tire Service B Modified feature event, Brad Smith picked up where he left off last week. Smith had good runs on every start as there were several cautions and the feature was only completed about one lap at a time.

Twenty-one B modifieds started the feature and only nine crossed the finish line. Tyler Lewis, past track champion, rose to the challenge with only four laps left to put in the book. He charged from fourth taking one position for every lap left. He was unable to catch Smith, but did take second from John Brooks right before the checkered flag flew.

Smith picked up the win with Lewis, Brooks, Lucas Isaacs and Jacob Ebert finishing the top honors of the night.

A good battle between Matt Dotson and Chad Lyle made for an interesting race in the Pitts Homes of Warsaw A Modified feature event. Dotson made a big run off the top to take the lead. As laps winded down, it was a three car breakaway. Dotson, Lyle and Terry Schultz were definitely the front runners with almost a full straight away lead over the fourth place of Nathan Vaughn.

Lyle made a few more attempts for the lead towards the end of the race, but Dotson took the win. Schultz took third and Vaughn finished fourth. Curt Potter beat Tim Setzer to the finish line by sticking it out on the hinges when coming out of turn four.

Michael Tyler and John Simpson made the Hobby Stock show worthwhile. Tyler took the lead but not without Simpson in hot pursuit. It was a battle until the finish with Tyler beating Simpson to the line by only a margin of victory. Jeff Buford, Will Register and Kevin Prall rounded out the top five finishes.

L A Raceway invites fans to join them Saturday, May 27, for Crown Power & Equipment of La Monte Night at the Races with the ASCS Warrior Region 360 Winged Sprints. Support classes will include the 305 Winged Sprints and the WAR Non-Wing Sprint Series. Gates open at 5, with hot laps starting at 7 p.m.


L A Raceway Official Results: May 18, 2012

Pitts Homes of Warsaw A Modified Feature

  1. 88D Matt Dotson - Clark, MO (2)
  2. 253 Chad Lyle - Oak Grove, MO (1)
  3. 90 Terry Schultz - Sedalia, MO (3)
  4. 12 Nathan Vaughn - Lincoln, MO (5)
  5. 11P Curt Potter - Boonville, MO (6)
  6. 51 Tim Setzer - Archie, MO (8)
  7. 53 Dallas White - Urich, MO (7)
  8. 112 Justin Moon - Sedalia, MO (4)
  9. 73 Mickey Burrell - Fair Grove, MO (16)
  10. 03 Richard Layne - Kansas City, MO (9)
  11. 55D Michael Dotson - Lathrop, MO (15)
  12. 67 Tim Dotson - Sturgeon, MO (10)
  13. 51B Brandon Hill - Holden, MO (13)
  14. 23 Steve Twenter - Sedalia, MO (17)
  15. 12M Christopher Moon - Sedalia, MO (14-DNF)
  16. 5 Buddy Thompson - Oak Grove, MO (11-DNF)
  17. L75 Eddie Whitney - Sturgeon, MO (12-DNF)
  18. 67D Isaac Dotson - Lathrop, MO (18-DNS)

Gill Signs 305 Sprint Feature

  1. 51 Mitchell Moore - Edgerton, KS (2)
  2. 65 Tom McGarry - Alma, MO (3)
  3. 2 Lauren Klem - Basehor, KS (1)
  4. 9 Chad Goff - Spring Hill, KS (5)
  5. 27 Mike Schouten – La Monte, MO (4)
  6. 33C Jordan Creason - Carrollton, MO (6)
  7. 35 Dwayne Benson - Sweet Springs, MO (7)
  8. 14 Andrew Turley - Sedalia, MO (8)
  9. 99 Lacy Harrison – La Monte, MO (9)
  10. 81A Tony Crank - Sedalia, MO (10-DNS)

Jim’s Tire Service B Modified Feature

  1. 1 99 Brad Smith - Belton, MO (1)
  2. 10 12L Tyler Lewis - Columbia, MO (10)
  3. 20 27B John Brooks - Warrensburg, MO (20)
  4. 8 6 Lucas Isaacs - Bonner Springs, KS (8)
  5. 2 94 Jacob Ebert - Oak Grove, MO (2)
  6. C3 Chad Staus - Otterville, MO (4)
  7. 70+ Ernie Walker - Sedalia, MO (13)
  8. 7 Adam Belt - Syracuse, MO (12)
  9. 60S James Morris - Centerview, MO (16)
  10. 3B Kevin Matz - Sedalia, MO (18-DNF)
  11. 30 Tracy Witherspoon - Windsor, MO (14-DNF)
  12. 11 Rick Anderson - Marshall, MO (15-DNF)
  13. 57 Steve Potter - Otterville, MO (11-DNF)
  14. 66 Ethan Isaacs - Bonner Springs, KS (3-DNF)
  15. 0 Richard Layne - Kansas City, MO (6-DNF)
  16. 03 Chris Brockway - Warrensburg, MO (5-DNF)
  17. 58 Jeremiah Wilson - Concordia, MO (9-DNF)
  18. 25 Cody Agee - Huntsville, MO (19-DNF)
  19. 41 Bob Russell - Lees Summit, MO (17-DNF)
  20. 24C Josh Calvert - Hallsville, MO (20-DNF)
  21. 18 Darin Claxton - Warrensburg, MO (21-DNS)

Xtreme Motors Street Stock Feature

  1. J66 Jay Lyle - Warrensburg, MO (2)
  2. 10 Marc Carter - Warrensburg, MO (6)
  3. 66 Scott Krause - Concordia, MO (1)
  4. 21W Ted Welschmeyer - Tebbetts, MO (8)
  5. 25XXX Jay Prevete - Windsor, MO (3)
  6. 2X Troy Turley - Knob Noster, MO (7)
  7. 14F Larry Ferris - Kansas City, KS (4)
  8. 14 Derrick Agee - Huntsville, MO (10)
  9. 1 Kevin Perkins - Sedalia, MO (9)
  10. 93 Randy Gilmore - Wheatland, MO (5)
  11. 15 Travis Faulkenberry - Urich, MO (11)
  12. 91 Roger Stone - Kansas City, MO (12)
  13. 35M Roger Bell - Knob Noster, MO (15-DNF)
  14. 23 Joe Roberts - Knob Noster, MO (14-DNS)
  15. 18 Ron Bettis - Knob Noster, MO (13-DNS)

Hobby Stock Feature

  1. 21 Michael Tyler - Knob Noster, MO (1)
  2. 96B John Simpson - Sedalia, MO (3)
  3. 33 Jeff Buford - Alma, MO (2)
  4. 10 Will Register – Sedalia- , MO (5)
  5. 14 Kevin Prall - Sedalia- , MO (7)
  6. 171 Chuck Coffey - Windsor- , MO (4)
  7. 7C Danny Crum - Hughesville- , MO (6-DNF)
  8. 13 Chase Gibson - Sedalia, MO (8-DNF)
  9. 90R Rodger Detherage - Windsor, MO (9-DNS)


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