A black Jeep was hoisted high atop Bryant Motors' sign on South Limit Thursday morning, drawing lots of looks from passersby.

The idea for the high-visibility stunt was developed by Kyle Herrick when he moved his dealership from the downtown Sedalia area four years ago.

“I've been wanting to do this and we've traded for some really cool Jeeps, but the guys continue to sell them, so I didn't have a chance to do this. And I finally got this one and I pulled the engine and transmission immediately and said, “there, you guys can't sell it, so it's mine to put on top.”

Herrick said he has been working with Custom Signs, LLC, Eldon, because they originally installed the posts for the MFA sign several years ago, so they knew the weight limit, etc., and secured the proper permits. “And today's the day. After four years, we get it out up. They came prepared,” he said.

The Jeep was outfitted with a metal structure that was soon welded to the existing posts.